My Son (8) and daughter (6) have been attending the after school program at Great Bay since Kindergarten.  My husband and I work full time during standard business hours. It was a daunting task figuring out how to keep them occupied and safe after school each day. Great Bay Kids’ Action Club is a life saver. The program is right at their school! There is no worry about how to get them somewhere and the convenience of that is priceless. The programs are fun for the kids. They are busy and engaged and actually “playing” every day which means a lot in this age of technology. The kids come home teaching US new games, new crafts, new ideas and they are full of stories. In addition to play they are able to complete their homework which provides better “at home” time for us in the evenings.  The staff is wonderful. They are fully dedicated to the children every day. My kids trust and love each of the teachers they have there, as do I. I feel completely at ease with my children at Great Bay every day. I am called when needed and updated each day of any concerns. If my child is not attending one day and I forget to alert the staff I will get a call immediately after school making sure my child is safe and where they are supposed to be. Everyone knows how busy life is and knowing they have my back on the days I’m most frazzled is wonderful. My family is truly grateful for our GBKC family.
~Karin T.
April 10, 2018

Our daughter has been at Great Bay Kids’ Company in Exeter since she was three months old.  With my husband and I both working full time, it was so important that our daughter be in an environment that we trusted would provide the love and care we couldn’t while we were at work.  The teachers at GBKC in Exeter have surpassed our expectations.  The compassion, love and attention, not to mention education my daughter is receiving is incredible.  At two, she knows her colors, shapes, alphabet, and is counting to ten.  We are so please at how well she is doing developmentally and attribute her success to the centers curriculum.  Now we have another little one and we feel so fortunate that he too will be surrounded by the same love our daughter receives.  The peace of mind this provides my husband and I is priceless.  We will be forever grateful to the center for all they do for our family.  They are now our family too!
~ Danielle N.
March 16, 2018

Both my daughter (4) and my son (14 months) attend GBKC in Exeter full-time and I would recommend them to anyone looking for childcare!  Leaving your children to be cared for by someone else, for any amount of time, is incredibly difficult but the staff at GBKC has made it a little less stressful.  My daughter has been attending for a little over 2 years and my son since he was 12 weeks old.  The staff at GBKC takes the time and makes the effort to get to know the children as well as the family.  The teachers have partnered with us to ensure we are all on the same page with their learning and development.  GBKC was wonderfully accommodating to my daughter’s need for a speech therapist and helped make the weekly appointment part of her school day.  My children are genuinely excited to go to school!  I love that I can see and hear all about the great things both children accomplish and learn each day going to school as well as being in the care of GBKC in Exeter!  Our experience has been nothing but positive and we love being part of the GBKC family!
~ Autumn F.
March 22, 2018

I am very thankful for the Newmarket GBKC, the center has provided my 3 and 5 year old a very intimate, family-like atmosphere where they can learn, play and have fun while being right next door to their sibling.
The Director of the school, Audra, loves her job and it shows! The kids (my kids, and everyone else’s kids) light up when they see her, she has hugs for everyone, everyday and never tires of giving them out.
The teachers are all wonderful and know each child individually, whether they are their teacher or not. I feel confident that my children are well taken care of when I drop them off for the day and that gives me great peace of mind!
~Alison Kober Dean
February 20, 2015

We’ve been asked to submit a testimonial on behalf of the Great Bay Kids’ Company Pease Center location, and are delighted to do so. Jannell and I have had our two children at GBKC since they were four months old, and couldn’t have made a better choice for their preschool years. Theo (age 5) and Max (age 2) simply love going to school, as GBKC provides the unique combination of an outstanding learning environment with a caring and nurturing atmosphere. We are consistently pleased and surprised by the educational and social opportunities that our boys are afforded with here.
For example, Theo has started doing homework this year, and is not only progressing with his fundamental writing and arithmetic skills, but is also extremely excited to do this and continue learning more. This reflects wonderfully on his teachers and the GBKC administration. Similarly, Max is making huge strides each day with his communication, creative and autonomy skills. Furthermore, we have found the GBKC staff very attentive to our children’s specific needs and extremely accommodating whenever possible. In short, we cannot say enough about our experience with GBKC!
~Jannell & Dovev Levine
February 16, 2015

Our experience at Great Bay Kids’ Pease has been very positive. From the infant program up to preschool my son has had wonderful teachers that have truly cared for him. I love that outside play and the arts are included in the kid’s daily schedule even at a young age. My son has learned so much (age 2- numbers, colors, age 3 – letters in his name) and I attribute that to the center’s curriculum. The most important thing that my son has taken away from his experience at the school is the importance of friendship. He is a caring, loving boy and we have made lasting relationships with the staff, parents and children. Thank you for the education, but most importantly the love you provided.
~Kim J.
March 3, 2015