Curriculum Introduction

Great Bay Kids has strived to implement a curriculum and assessment tool that will allow all the classrooms within the agency to meet the same objectives. By this we mean that if you were to go into any one of our child care centers you would find that each age group is working towards the same goals. The activities may be different but the objectives would be the same.

Our philosophy is that “The Child Comes First.” It is the belief of our agency that the program must adapt to the child and not the child to the program. Our planning revolves around the cues and needs of each child. Our goal through programming is to help each child to develop a strong feeling of self-esteem and to provide for all aspects of the child’s development: physical, social, intellectual, and emotional.

We have found that The Creative Curriculum not only matches our philosophy but is based on the latest research in child development. The Creative Curriculum is the country’s leading scientifically based, comprehensive curriculum for programs serving children from birth to age 5. With the integration of an assessment tool and family connection resources, it creates a program that not only meets the needs of the children but the staff and families as well. The Creative Curriculum is a model for all staff to help develop and implement a program that is developmentally appropriate and that will promote each child’s social-emotional development and learning in the core areas: literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.

All of our staff have received training on The Creative Curriculum and will continue to train through workshops and literature. We welcome your questions and comments and are confident that our children are learning the best way possible.