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My daughter has been at Great Bay Kids Company in Pease since she was 3 months old and she will be graduating from the Kindergarten program this spring. Our entire experience at Great Bay has been extremely positive. Words cannot express the thanks that we have for each and every staff member at 13E_3180 (1024x684)Great Bay that has been part of my daughter’s life for the past five years. She has grown into a mature,intelligent young lady and I attribute that to the staff at Great Bay. The teachers and directors look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My daughter has learned so much and continues to share with me each day the great activities that go on each day at “school”. I have peace of mind every single day I drop my daughter off at Great Bay that she is safe, happy and healthy!
~Erin Anderson
February 12, 2015

Our kids (Lana (5) and Filip (3)) have been part of GBKC since they were infants. They have been through different ‘ages and stages’ but with each one, we’ve found GBKC staff to have a very keen eye for each child’s progress and personality. The Creative Curriculum really allows each child to flourish into a unique and well-rounded person. Lana loves doing her homework as she sees it as an extension of all the creative, problem-solving and challenging activities that she does at ‘school’. Filip now insists that he does his ‘homework’ after dinner as well!
We are so impressed with teachers’ class enrichment ideas (e.g. learning Spanish, parents volunteering to talk about their professions, organizing ‘Olympic Games’, trip to the Post Office, summer field trips, simple cooking etc.) and their personal involvement and enthusiasm in implementing them. The truly wonderful thing about GBKC centers is that they invite, and welcome, all families to get to know each other through annual events (Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Picnic, Fall Great Escape and Winter Festival). We have made, and stayed in touch, with many families that we have met by attending GBKC in Portsmouth and Exeter.
GBKC staff, thank you for balancing beautifully being a guiding role model and an affectionate friend and playmate to our kids!
~Anka Vidacic
March 4, 2015

GBKC [School Age] has been nothing but positive experiences for my children and myself. Teachers and staff are dedicated and care for “their children” really well.
They are also open to communicate with us all the time and I truly enjoy interacting with the teachers and staff at GBKC. All three of my children trust their teachers and staff and really enjoy the programs as they do not want to leave right away when I pick them up.
I also met many wonderful parents and children though GBKC and share the same or similar wonderful experiences.
We are very proud to be a part of GBKC community.
February 26, 2015

I am very thankful for the Newmarket GBKC, the center has provided my 3 and 5 year old a very intimate, family-like atmosphere where they can learn, play and have fun while being right next door to their sibling.
The Director of the school, Audra, loves her job and it shows! The kids (my kids, and everyone else’s kids) light up when they see her, she has hugs for everyone, everyday and never tires of giving them out.
The teachers are all wonderful and know each child individually, whether they are their teacher or not. I feel confident that my children are well taken care of when I drop them off for the day and that gives me great peace of mind!
~Alison Kober Dean
February 20, 2015

We’ve been asked to submit a testimonial on behalf of the Great Bay Kids Company’s Pease Center location, and are delighted to do so. Jannell and I have had our two children at GBKC since they were four months old, and couldn’t have made a better choice for their preschool years. Theo (age 5) and Max (age 2) simply love going to school, as GBKC provides the unique combination of an outstanding learning environment with a caring and nurturing atmosphere. We are consistently pleased and surprised by the educational and social opportunities that our boys are afforded with here.
For example, Theo has started doing homework this year, and is not only progressing with his fundamental writing and arithmetic skills, but is also extremely excited to do this and continue learning more. This reflects wonderfully on his teachers and the GBKC administration. Similarly, Max is making huge strides each day with his communication, creative and autonomy skills. Furthermore, we have found the GBKC staff very attentive to our children’s specific needs and extremely accommodating whenever possible. In short, we cannot say enough about our experience with GBKC!
~Jannell & Dovev Levine
February 16, 2015

My husband and I have been part of the Great Bay Kids family since May of 2010. Both our son (age 6), and our daughter, (age 3), have come through GBK and we could not be happier with the early childhood education GBK has provided. The facility is clean, bright, and beautiful, the program is implemented to educate the whole child, and the staff consists of people who truly love and enjoy nurturing the children in their care.

Our free-spirited and fun-loving daughter started in the infant program at Pease and she has always loved the personalization of the Creative Curriculum and continues to flourish socially, emotionally, creatively, and academically. Our son has Autism and some significant orthopedic challenges and the staff at GBK 13E_3135 (1024x684)went above and beyond to accommodate his needs. Cathy, the Program Administrator, worked closely with us to facilitate a multitude of early intervention specialists to come in to support him during his school day and his teachers partnered with the specialists to ensure that he was receiving the best wrap around attention and assistance possible. Cathy and his teachers were so diligent, even through his transition to the public school special education process, and we know he would not have made such incredible gains without them.

It is certainly a challenging decision to leave your children in the care of someone else, but the high quality of compassionate child care, daily communication, and wonderful teaching staff at GBK make it so much easier to go to work every day with the confidence that your child will be in good hands!
February 19, 2015

Our experience at Great Bay Kids Pease has been very positive. From the infant program up to preschool my son has had wonderful teachers that have truly cared for him. I love that outside play and the arts are included in the kid’s daily schedule even at a young age. My son has learned so much (age 2- numbers, colors, age 3 – letters in his name) and I attribute that to the center’s curriculum. The most important thing that my son has taken away from his experience at the school is the importance of friendship. He is a caring, loving boy and we have made lasting relationships with the staff, parents and children. Thank you for the education, but most importantly the love you provided.
~Kim J.
March 3, 2015